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March 3, 2020 Special Election

Next Scheduled Election: March 3, 2020 – Special Election, open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Important Dates: February 3, 2020 – 1st day to vote by absentee ballot for Special Election.

February 21, 2020 by 5:00 pm- Deadline to request and absentee ballot for Special Election.

March 2, 2020 by 5:00 pm- Deadline to vote by absentee ballot.

March 2, 2020 – Deadline for absentee voter to correct incomplete affidavit envelope.

Proposition A

Shall the North Iowa Area Community College District (Merged Area II) in the Counties of Butler, Cerro Gordo, Chickasaw, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Kossuth, Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth and Wright, State of Iowa, be authorized to renovate, improve, repair, construct, erect, furnish, and equip existing buildings, at multiple campus and enrollment locations, with an emphasis on safety, security, and sustainability; to construct, erect, remodel, repair, renovate, improve, furnish, and equip career academy buildings and related site improvements, and to acquire sites, if necessary; and issue its school bonds in an amount not exceeding $15,000,000 for such purposes?