Contact Information:

Laurie Gisleson, Deputy Treasurer- (641) 832-3940 ext. 115
Susan Ellison , Deputy Treasurer – (641) 832-3940 ext. 118

Hours: 8:00 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

Location: Mitchell County Courthouse, 212 S. 5TH ST. Osage, IA 50461

Vehicle Renewals:

Registration renewals can be done the month before, the month of and the month after, the registration month. Transfers must be done within 30 days of purchase.


Accepted On-Line Payment Methods-eCheck, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are accepted for Internet transactions.

If your vehicle registration is delinquent, the vehicle does not qualify for online renewal. Half year license and apportioned vehicles are not eligible for online renewal at this time. ( This is an enhancement that will be available in the future!!)

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